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Surrogacy Program

Here is a simplified breakdown to guide you through the Surrogacy process:

  1. Contact WSC (Wyzax Surrogacy Consultants) via the online query form or contact us directly at +91- 9582555525, +91-9811669777 or you can also mail us at
    Email at : [email protected], [email protected]
  2. A Counselor/Case Manager (CM) will contact you within 24 hours
  3. Receive detailed information from our WSC Team (including a price quotation, time taken for treatment, your IVF doctor, procedure(s), hospital, etc)
  4. Discuss all details with your CM during your personalized process through skype/teleconference/ phone.
  5. Complete your case history through personal medical questionnaire for the medical team’s evaluation
  6. Send details of all medical records/USGs/X-Rays for our evaluation and diagnosis
  7. Finalize your procedures and trip itinerary
  8. Meet your IVF Doctor via a conference call and have all your questions and concerns answered
  9. Depart for your chosen destination , i.e. India
  10. Meet and Greet by your Counselor/Case Manager (CM) at our premises
  11. Meet the surrogate(s) selected for you along with their families
  12. Sign the legal documents prepared by WSC legal team
  13. Meet your IVF doctor for the initial consultation and initial tests
  14. Undergo/ participate/ supervise your procedure at an Internationally Accredited Facility
  15. Take advantage of sightseeing/shopping at your beautiful destination
  16. Depart for your travel back home
  17. Your CM will call/ email to appraise you about the progress throughout the process of surrogacy
  18. Come back to India at the time of delivery
  19. Experience the joy of having your own baby(ies)
  20. Arrange for the baby’s exit visa with the assistance of WSC
  21. Enjoy the joyful, stress free experience with WSC !