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The latest ICMR guidelines states that the surrogate management / gamete banking/oocyte donation should not be carried out at the same centre as IVF. Thus, to comply with these guidelines, we at WSC carry out the IVF procedure at our World Class ART Clinic – Baby Joy and the surrogate management/ gamete banking is done through Genome ART Bank, one of the professionally managed ART bank.

At “Baby Joy” its our endeavour to be part of your journey towards parenthood. Baby Joy, through its state of the art IVF centre, intends to provide you end to end fertility solutions with warmth & compassion

“To set benchmarks in the field of IVF, globally, through cutting edge technology, most advanced treatment protocols & a highly accomplished team of IVF specialists, embryologists & support staff.”

  • State of the art IVF Centre, providing end to end fertility solutions. Personalised fertility care with warmth & compassion.
  • High success rates through customised fertility care, internationally accepted IVF protocols & best global practices.
  • In house team of embryologists & clean room environment as per
  • International guidelines.
  • Govt. Approved, ICMR recognised ART centre.
  • Psychological counselling support for IVF couples –SANTULAN.
  • Yoga, meditation, physiotherapy & diet counselling for infertile couples.
  • Surrogacy & Egg Donation carried out of Wyzax Surrogacy – IVF Centre (WSC), international centre of choice for surrogacy & egg donation for the last 3 years.
  • At Baby Joy,’ We Deliver !’
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