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Become An Egg Donor

Reasons Why To Become An Egg Donor. Due to the rise of infertile couples, most of them opt to use an egg, donor. This happens after they have exhausted every other type of fertility treatment through several years of conception attempts. When you take a decision to become an egg donor, it should be made without a great deal of contemplation. You have to be truthful both to yourself about why you wish to become an egg, donor. When you become an egg donor, you provide an opportunity to help someone sire a family of their own. You help a couple to understand the true value of having children in their lives. As an egg donor, you will be financially compensated for your commitment to the Vitro fertilization process. Through these compensation, you will achieve your goal in becoming financially stable. Donating eggs creates a sense of pride and self-worth in one’s self and brings satisfaction of helping out a childless couple. This act of generosity is worthy undertaking as you think of helping others to get children. How to Become an Egg Donor To become an egg donor, there is a procedure which has to be followed. The process undertakes phases as below PHASE 1: You are required to complete the Initial Screening Application. Here you fill your details such as name, email and phone number. When selected, there is no obligation to continue to the next phase of the process. At this point, you mail your photographs to BJ. PHASE 2: SELECTION & MATCHING PROCESS. As an applicant, your details are added to a password protected database, and it availed for review to the egg recipient couples only. Once a couple has selected you as their egg donor, you will get a call for an interview from a counselor. PHASE 3: MATCHING CYCLES In this phase, synchronization of recipient and egg donor’s cycles is done. The process involves inducing fertility drugs, ultrasounds and blood tests. PHASE 4: POST PROCEDURE. Here the fees are sent to the donor and a follow up for a doctor appointment is made. A Thank you Note from Baby Joy Donor Program. From Baby Joy, we take this opportunity to thank you for your attitude for becoming a volunteer egg donor. Bringing joy and happiness to life of a couple is a great leap in deed. The decision takes a person who is courageous, with positive attitude since you are involved psychologically, physically and emotionally. Baby Joy is always looking forward to working with such a sincere and responsible donors.