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For those who want to enhance fertility through surrogacy program, read the basic steps of surrogacy below:

1. Intended parents’ eligibility : To reconfirm whether the intended parents are eligible to undergo surrogacy in India, their medical reports, citizenship and other documents have to be checked and subsequently enrolled. Here are the enrollment steps.

2. Counseling for treatment options available : There are different programs i.e. self/surrogate/donor which the intended parents are counseled to undertake and also the different available treatment options i.e. IVF / ICSI / IMSI/ Assisted hatching /Blastocyst culture Frozen embryo transfer which are available. Here are the different cycle types.

3. Medical Visa or OC/ PIO : A medical Visa is the only what you need to visit India as per new regulations. For the purpose of procuring a medical Visa, we provide all the documentation required for the process. Depending on the Indian high commission, the process might take 2-5 weeks. For OCI/PIO, you do not require any Visa to visit India. More about the Visa read Medical Visa / FRRO process.

4. Matching intended parent’s profile from a surrogate : From the profile available online, the intended parents can view, choose and select their preferred surrogate according to our program. Here are surrogate profiles (demo).

5. The introduction of a surrogate to intended parents : Through different available communication channels such as skype, personal meet, Facebook, and emails, surrogate are introduced to the intended parents, this helps the intended parents with their surrogate.

6. Financial transactions : Transactions between the intended parents, us and the surrogate are done in a transparent and effective manner. All the payments are made via transfers. Read financial aspects here

7. Signing the surrogacy contract : Signing the surrogacy contract is one of the most important events in the process of surrogacy. Here is when you came to understand and acknowledge the contract before put a sign on it. In the process, two agreements are signed i.e. one with the surrogate mother and the other with the ART Bank. Read the contracts here.

8. Legal assistance : You will be guided through the legalities of surrogacy by a legal team with medico-legal expertise.

9. Mumbai visits : At WSC, we aim to reduce your number of visit to Mumbai as minimum as possible. With technological advancement, all the information is shared online before and during the surrogacy process is complete. You are only required to come online first during the cycle and second time during the baby pick up from India. For more information visit the concierge section.

10. Ante-natal care : Through the nine months, we regularly communicate with you in regards to the process of the pregnancy and surrogate care. Read antenatal care.

11. Coordinating delivery : You are informed to be present in India when the delivery date come close, so that you can witness the most important day in the process of surrogacy. Read deliver, exit process.

12. DNA testing : Once the baby is born, the consulates have their appointed genetic labs in their home countries from where the parents do the DNA tests. The list is availed on the website of each consulate. Through our associations, SI can assist you too to get the DNA test.

13. Passport and visa assistance : Assistance to procure a passport and visa for the new baby will be accorded.

14. Replacing new surrogate : In case the surrogate you choose fails to become pregnant after a reasonable number of attempts, another surrogate is provided without any additional fee. Also during the cycle, if the SM is not ready and synchronized with you, WSC always have a backup surrogate who will replace your surrogate so that the cycle is not jeopardized.

15. Logistics : Visiting India will be a home away from home for the intended parents in that we organize an airport pick & drop to your hotel. We also have friendly drivers & chaperone’s who will take you to the fertility clinic.

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