Surrogacy Agency

1. Can you provide references?

2. Is there a waiting list?

3. If we have a question or problem, is someone available to us at all times?

4. What support staff will be available to assist?

5. What kind of support services (such as support groups) are available for couples and surrogates?

6. Are you now in litigation or have you been sued previously? If so, for what reason? What was the outcome?

7. Has a surrogate mother ever changed her mind about relinquishment? If so, for what reason?

8. How many families have they successfully helped so far through IVF-Gestational Surrogacy?

9. Can you refer us for other services?

10. What services will we need to obtain separately?

11. Do you have an office or work from home?

12. What sort of accreditation do they have? How many surrogates do they have available?

13. Where will the surrogate and her family be living?

14. What are their response times to your queries?

15. When was your service established? Who runs it (doctor, lawyer, social worker, etc) ?

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