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Surrogacy Mother Cost in Delhi India, Surrogate Mother Cost in Delhi India

Surrogacy Mother Cost In Delhi India/ Surrogate Mother Cost In Delhi India

We have various customized low cost  surrogacy packages to suit the different requirements of intended couple. The detail of low cost surrogate mother/low price surrogacy  package will be provided to you during personalized visit only.

Low Cost Surrogacy Package-Services Includes:

I. Comprehensive Surrogate Mother Management

Recruitment- • Investigations( Her family background), • Maintenance of file -Legal documentation, ID Proof of surrogate mother and her husband • Psychological Counseling • Screening test,Ultrasound, Initial Preparation , • Social worker fees, Coordinator Fees • Insurance Stay- • Stay at surrogate home for complete pregnancy period ( with her children only) • Embryo transfer Medications • Nutrients & supplements for surrogate mother • Monthly allowance • Healthy food, Milk, Fruits, Eggs, etc. • Traveling allowance, Clothing expenses • Open bank account. Antenatal Care¬- • Scan, blood tests, ultra-sounds as per schedule • Extra medical nutrition/medications • Doctor appointments & routine ante-natal care, 24×7 access to Medical Care • Monthly Surrogate mother cost/expense allowance During Delivery • Delivery at a super specialty hospital. • Complete care of surrogate mother • Coordinator stay/food /travel expense at hospital Post Natal Care • Cesarean /Normal delivery-Stay at surrogate home for 1 month • Complete nutrition & medicine support • Surrogate compensation and procurement fees

II. IVF – ET Attempts

  •  1 IVF- 2 ET attempts
  • ICSI If required
  • Embryo Freezing ( for 6 month)

III. Surrogacy Law (Legal Contracts)

• Birth certificate • Legal contracts

IV. Delivery

• Delivery up to 40,000

Other Services on Cost of Surrogacy

DNA Testing of your baby through Government approved facility if required Pre genetic diagnosis (PGD) if required
Egg Donor Cost for Surrogacy Services – if required
Indian Egg Donor (Rs. 1,25,000- to Rs. 1,35,000/-) Cost Includes The Following Donor Compensation Screening test for Donor Donor’s Medical Tests & Examination Donor’s medications for stimulation and tests Donor’s Coordinator’s compensation