Surrogate Home In India


Wyzax Surrogacy Consultants (WSC) is the only corporate in India that offers all Surrogacy solutions under one roof, including legal aspects, surrogacy consultancy, IVF treatment & delivery. Besides this, WSC offers a distinct advantage of providing Surrogate homes for surrogates. We are the first & only centre/ agency to do so. At most of the IVF centres run by doctors, there is no provision of the surrogate homes because the doctors & their staff are neither prepared nor willing to handle such complex logistics. We at WSC prefer to take only such surrogates in our database who are open to staying in surrogate homes, preferably throughout pregnancy, but at least at crucial periods like after ET, before delivery, etc.


  • Our co-ordinators & social workers can have a direct control over the surrogates
  • Surrogate tests, medicines, food, nutrition & hygiene can be strictly monitored
  • Any unforeseen complications can be immediately attended
  • A positive environment can be created for the surrogates through devotional music, extra curricular activities, entertainment tools, & by engaging them in developing vocational skills
  • Strict monitoring can be done to ensure that the surrogates avoid physical contact through crucial periods of pregnancy
  • It can be ensured that the surrogates stay away from prohibited activities like smoking, consuming alcohol, eating tobacco, etc
  • Complete physical & mental rest can be ensured, especially after ET
  • The surrogates can be provided a family environment by allowing them to be with their husbands & kids regularly
  • Proper security for the surrogates can be ensured
  • Human rights of the surrogates can be ensured
  • Basic needs for a comfortable living can be provided- hot & cold water, coolers & heaters, television & radio, refrigerator & cooking gas, etc.
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