WSC : Pioneering Surrogacy Protocol(PSPs) for Surrogate Mother Management

  • Specialist ART Bank — through innovation & dedication helped in organising & corporatizing surrogacy industry over the last five years
  • Standardized Operating Procedures — nicely designed Tripod system of coordination, supervision & management for Surrogate Mother Management.
  • Value for money packs — provide several choices of Customized, Value for money packages (based upon the specific instance, need & budget) in a transparent fashion without any hidden price
  • Maximum take home baby rates — our success rates with both fresh transfer (46%) & Frozen transfer ( 48% ) are similar. However, the success rate with self-donation cycle may be as low as 15%.
  • Ethical Practices — follows the recommendations of ICMR, Ministry of Health ( Govt. Of course India ) & other regulatory bodies of surrogacy practices wrt to IPs & S Mothers.

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Advantage of Surrogate Home

  • Better Management can be Accomplished through co-ordinators & Manager.
  • Suitable surveillance and monitoring can be Performed w.r.t. Surrogate tests, Medications, food, Nourishment & hygiene.
  • Emergency Circumstances May be handled and complications can be Handled Punctually.
  • A positive environment can be created for Your surrogates through devotional music, extracurricular activities, Amusement Programs, and by engaging them in developing Conceptual Abilities.
  • Physical Touch during crucial Maternity phase can be Averted.
  • Prohibited activities during pregnancy like smoking, and consuming alcohol, Drinking Smoking, etc can be controlled.
  • Entire physical & mental rest can be ensured, Particularly Following ET.

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Corporate A/V: Surrogate Mother

Testimonial-Justifying Surrogacy Cost

I am Neetu W/O Anil R/0  Pavi loni gzb. I came to know about the surrogacy on the internet while searching Delhi all surrogacy hospitals then I got a reply from Wyzax. The team of Wyzax explained me properly about the surrogacy, then my ET got positive and then for 8-9 Months I stay at the surrogate home where I got my treatment, food etc. facilities are provided. The whole process went all right and after all the process I got my full payment.Thanks to all Wyzax Team.Specially Harjeet mam and Pawan Sir.
Neetu – Delhi-NCR, India   
I am Bimla Devi W/O, Sanjay Kumar. We came to know about surrogacy from a person name Suraj. Then we went straight to the Wyzax and they explain us the process. Then me and my husband agreed for the process and my treatment begins. For the next 9 months, I stay at the surrogate home where all the facilities are provided to me like food, medicines etc. They also take me to the hospital when needed and my husband also came to meet me in between the process. I am happy to do this process and I will get the payment which the company has promised to me.
Bimal Devi-Delhi, India

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Surrogacy Success Stories

Bimal Kishore & Angana


Gourav & Shruti Gogia


Arvind & Rupinder


Bharat Bhushan & Usha


Ashish & Preeti Dawra


Kapil & Kirti


Free Surrogacy Decision Kit :

We don’t charge anything for intial Counseling, Process Overview, IVF Consultation, Legal Consult, Pakage Details, Surrogate Home Visit.

Pay Just Rs.40000/-

(Registration, Surrogate Mother Selection, Donor Selection, Documentation) before the start of actual Clinical Process.

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