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wyzax team

WSC is full of pride of every team member and their contribution that they make to our organization. We are honored to introduce our management team, our coordinators, our secretarial team which work together to provide prompt replies to queries & support during initial treatment & ongoing pregnancies.


Inderpreet Kaur : Head of Secretarial Staff/ Sr. International Case Manager

Inderpreet is the head of Surrogacy Staff.Being a senior staff member, she supervises the complete process from selection of surrogate till delivery of baby to the clients. She ensures the smooth functioning of the entire team and helps to guide them if required. She attends new clients/queries and resolve accordingly. She is the key person who provides the best match of surrogate mother & egg donor as per patients’ requirement.


Simarjeet Kaur : Asst. Case Manager

She assist Ms Ruchika (Sr. case manager IP’s). She response and updates to IP’s through mails and calls after confirmation of pregnancy, follow ups with surrogates & IP’s. She updates the WSC software and maintains the database of IP’s with complete files. She liason with our medical team and clients regarding updates on the health of surrogates.She also maintain ERP software i.e. need to update all USG reports, blood tests reports, bhcg reports, id proof etc on daily basis


Radhika : Liaison Manager

She handles all the legal queries as per country’s specific laws. She gives full guidance and help to issue of medical visa for surrogacy in India, as well as exit visa formalities. She prepares legal documents for clients and ensures that all paperwork necessary for clients to obtain citizenship for their baby is in order.


Sneha : Manager- Surrogacy & Egg Donation

She assists Anjali/ Pawan and lalita in gettinggood numbers of surrogates and egg donors by giving proper counseling & motivating to Lalia& Anjali. She has proper hold on Cook and Security Guard. She maintains all the billing/payment of Surrogate/Donors and Dr’s related with Accounts.She takes care of legal agreements and consent form of surrogates and donors thru pawan/lalita/Anjali.


Pawan Kumar : Surrogate Home Supervisor

He supervises surrogate homes and surrogates for their medicines, food, monthly compensation, electricity , water bills, telephone and transportation requirements. He is responsible for proper security management & control of surrogates till delivery. He Prepares& maintains the surrogate’s file and ensures that all the required forms and formats like personal detail form, Identification card, married/ widow – proof, consent form, physician’s clearance, psychological clearance ,police verification, health insurance etc. should be maintained before shifting her into surrogate home.


Lalita : Surrogate’s Coordinator

Lalita is the surrogate responsible for the sourcing of new surrogates. She takes care of the surrogate’s medicines, their routine checkups, doctors visits etc . She also ensures that there should be one coordinator available who stays with surrogate at the time of delivery.

Other Secretarial Staff :

Chatrasaal : Security guard

He is the Security guard at our Surrogate Home.He is responsible for proper Security management & control of surrogates till delivery. He maintains the visitor’s register and allows Intended Parents to meet their surrogates in visting hours only and that too after entering their complete details on the register.

Suman : Cook

She takes care for the food, medicines of the surrogate mothers. She cooks meals thrice a day keeping in mind the diet chart.

Akbar : Surrogate/Donor Coordinator

He is responsiblefor getting the good numbers of surrogates and donors on board thru networking, personal visits and advertisements

Simi :Surrogate/Donor Coordinator

She is responsible for getting the good numbers of surrogates and donors on board thru networking, personal visits and advertisements.